Sunday, August 01, 2004


Run For Cover!

Went to the Black Cat last night for the "Run For Cover" show. What a blast. Basically, a bunch of people from various DC bands get together and put on 10-minute tribute bands. They pick a band, put on costumes and perform 3-4 songs by that band. Last night we were treated to a female-led Van Halen, Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, The B-52's, Zeppelin, The Modern Lovers, LL Cool J and a few others. Some were great. Some were terrible. The terrible ones were great too - haha. Apparently, word has gotten around about this. If it wasn't sold-out, it was very close.

Music I've bought recently:

:30 Over DC - This was one of the very first DC punk compilations, finally released on CD on a new label owned by Henry Rollins. Fantastic.
Trouble Funk - Live And Early Singles - Another release on Henry's label.

Other assorted discs from Ambulance Ltd., Snow Patrol, !!!, Xiu Xiu, The High Strung, Cooper Temple Clause and others.

Upcoming shows I'll probably be at:

Sonic Youth @ 9:30
Guided By Voices @ 9:30
Burning Brides @ Black Cat
The Dead @ Nissan
The Cure @ Merriweather

Speaking of Henry Rollins, this site is too funny.

Lots of hotties here. WOOF!

Happy Birthday Jerry!

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