Saturday, August 07, 2004


mmm.. coffee boy

I know it's gonna be a good day when I wake up with my boyfriend walking in to give me coffee. What a great way to start the day!

Curiosa was last night. Had a great time. Had to eat the extra ticket though. I hung around outside trying to dump the $60 ticket ($73 including service charges) for $20. No takers. I almost sold it to one guy, but some jerk ran up as the guy was pulling out his wallet and said he'd sell his for $15. Prick. It was time for Cooper Temple Clause to come one anyway, so I just pocketed the ticket and went inside. I wish I hadn't bought the second ticket, but my seat was KILLER. 4th row center. Just behind the over-crowded general admission Pit. I was probably closer to the stage that I usually am at 9:30 or the Black Cat.

CTC was pretty good. They played the second stage. It's always weird seeing bands outside on a bright sunny day. I'm so used to time smoky bars that being outside at a show seems a little off. I got my first taste of Interpol - me being the last person on the planet to hear them. Not bad. I may pick up their CD. Muse was terrific. I definitely need to learn more about them.

The there's The Cure. It was a good day seeing a bunch of good bands. But The Cure is just miles above the rest of these guys. They've still got it after 25 years. Still, I admit it was a bit weird being there. I still think of them as being this odd, reclusive, mopey band that no one really understands. But now they're bona fide rock stars. All Robert Smith has to do is look into the crowd and girls start screaming their heads off. Not just the faux-goth chicks, but the drunk, blonde, sorority-types (of which there were thousands). Ugh.

But The Cure sounded fantastic. Not the setlist I would have chosen, but I'm one of those old farts that considers everything post-Head On The Door as "the new stuff". Give me "Shake Dog Shake", "A Forest" or "Hanging Garden" over "Friday I'm In Love" or "Just Like Heaven" anyday.

They did play Love Cats though, which totally took me by surprise. Gloriously goofy. That instantly took me back to the days of dancing at Poseur's in Georgetown , and even the Back Alley Cafe a couple years later.

If you go to Merriweather, be sure to checkout 9:32. It's a bar run by Seth from the 9:30 Club. It's a great place to get away from the masses and avoid the music outside, if you're not into what's going on out there. Thank God 9:32 was there for me. It saved me from sitting through 30 minutes of Rapture hell. Thanks DJ Medusa :-)

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