Saturday, August 14, 2004


Bring Out Your Dead

Just got a call from S--. Charley isn't going to hit them too hard, so he's already in the car and on his way. Should be here by 1:30 or so. WOOHOO! I haven't seen him since the disaster of our mini-Dead tour last summer (Sunrise->Tampa->Atlanta). I'll save those details for another time, but let's just say it ended with us abandoning his VW bus, missing the Atlanta show and some Georgia guy offering us a ride while drinking something out of a Mason jar.

Still hoping TicketBastard releases some good seats for tomorrow's show. I'm a little concerned about that. I haven't had very good ticket-karma lately.

Gotta go de-homoize the house a little. S-- is very cool with us being gay, but I don't think he really needs to see the gay porn laying around the house. I need to make him some CDs too. has enabled me to get copies of tons of Dead shows that we went to. Check it out, if you wanna download some great Dead shows.

Now playing: The Grateful Dead 7/12/89 RFK Set 1

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