Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Who buys this stuff?

So who is actually out there buying this stuff I get spammed with every day? Here are three actual subject lines from some e-mail I got today:

1) Subject: Wann Have Multi-Cum? bix x svep xkcloz
2) Subject: Re: Fw: XEN!C@L, ULTR@M, FIOR!CET C!@L!S, V1AGR0, TR@M@D0L -- accepted worldw1de
3) Subject: Eyoiewp bvy H'y_d_roc_0_d_0`n_e Pain Medicine 0n1ine

Let's take these one at a time:

1) hmmmm - Me thinks me wann multi-cum. What's with the gibberish at the end? It looks like you sneezed on your keyboard. Would you really buy something from these folks? Something that is going to directly effect your penis?

2) This one must require some kind of decoder ring. It looks like it was written by some 13-year-old hacker kiddie. I recognize what's probably supposed to be a clever spelling of Viagra, so I'll assume these are all some form of boner pills. Boner advice from a 13-year-old? Prescription drugs from someone who spells like that? I'll pass, thanks.

3) When this came up, the part after "Pai" got cut off, so there wasn't a single recognizable word on my screen. Who in their right mind is going to see a message with that subject and think - "Hey - this looks promising!"? I'm still not 100% sure what that one is supposed to be.

Yeah - I know these creative spellings are tricks to get around spam filters, but are people really this gullible? I imagine if these people weren't making money, they wouldn't bother with these messages. That means somebody is out there buying this stuff.

Gotta go. My buddy zzcgidkobxvo@cw98973da.com just sent me a screensaver he thinks I'd like.

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