Saturday, April 10, 2004



Since Pansy Division cancelled tonight's show, I decided to head over to the Queercore thing at the Black Cat. No bands or anything, just a DJ. I have to admin I was pretty disappointed. There was hardly anyone there. Probably no more than 20 people at any given moment. But it was great being around other gay people digging hardcore. Talked to one guy who has been to a lot of the same shows I've been going too. He's in a similar situation as me, in that his partner doesn't go to too many shows with him. We may try to hit a few shows together. It would be very cool to have a bud to check out bands (and boys) with. Actually ended up talking to the bartender most of the night. Nice guy. Very cute. Very straight.

Easter tomorrow. Visiting the folks. Typical holiday. Off to Gaithersburg to pick up the BF's mom. Take her down to my parents' house for the day. Then do the whole thing in reverse. It's always fun, but it makes for a long day. I think it's about 200 miles by the time we get home again. It's great that our parents get along so well. Makes things like holidays so easy.

New computer rocks. Gonna hook up the new cam today. Still need to transfer some files from the old one, but not too much. Tax software is next. Nothing like waiting until the last minute...

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