Saturday, March 27, 2004


Working Weekends

Man, I really hate working on Saturdays. I'm a sysadmin, and occasionally things have to be upgraded, moved or rebooted after hours. The people I work with work pretty much 24/7, so there's no real good time to do this stuff. The best time is usually early Saturday mornings. So, I've been at work since about 7:30 this morning. On a Saturday. Ugh. I don't even come in this early during the week. At least the movers are on time, much to my surprise. That's great. Maybe I'll be finished by noon.

Saw 2 shows this week. The Decemberists and Broken Social Scene. Both were terrific. Saw some girl get carried out of the Black Cat at the BSS show. That was weird. She looked like she passed out. Know your limits.

Wanna go see TV On The Radio on Monday. Not sure if I will though. Already planning on hitting Washington Social Club, Ratdog, Death Cab For Cutie and at least one Bob Dylan show this week. Maybe 2 Dylan's, if the 9:30 Club rumor is true (and I can score tickets). That's a lot for an old man like me.

Got a buttload of records from Ebay this week. Didn't expect to win every auction, but I did. Got something like 10 LPs in the mail. Sweet. Looks like my weekend listening is already planned out. Lots of Dischord/DC stuff.

Started back at the gym (again) this week. A little sore, but it feels good. I may go again today and use the treadmill at home.

Hey - The movers are ready - gotta go.

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