Monday, March 22, 2004


Wanna waste some time?

The Crimson Room

The Crimson Room is like is much shorter version of MOTAS. You may want to start with that one.

I love games like this. I was addicted to the Myst series for quite a while.

Monday - Ugh. Back to work. I gotta get back to the gym. I haven't gone even semi-regularly for a few weeks. My ass is dragging. Haircut today. Gonna get buzzed again. Anything to encourage the boyfriend to rub my head. ;-)

Need to buy some new music. The new Beauty Pill disc is out. I still need to check that out.

Ordered a new computer last night. Dell P4/3.4Ghz/1G-ram. Sweet. This tired old P3/450 is on it's last legs. 20" LCD too. I can't wait. What a geek.

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