Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Waking up early

I really hate waking up early. It seems I can never sleep-in anymore. It's very frustrating, because that means I get tired pretty early. No Adult Swim for me. I have to wait to hear about Meatwad's antics until the next day.

So now it's 5:30am and I'm trying to figure out why Blogspot doesn't seem to be pinging Weblogs.com automatically. It appears to be setup right. Ugh, I'd much rather be sleeping.

Blew off TV On The Radio last night. It's going to be a busy enough week anyway. Stayed in and watched "The Trip". One of the better gay movies we've seen. Very cute.

Managed to miss when Prince tickets went on sale. Oops. I'll get tickets later. Still waiting to hear if Dylan is playing at 9:30. Rumors are still running rampant about that one.

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