Friday, March 19, 2004


Tennesse rethinks things

What a bunch of pricks.

Tennessee county reverses call to make homosexuality a crime

DAYTON, United States (AFP) - Officials in a rural Tennessee county held a five-minute emergency session to scrap an anti-gay resolution that earlier this week triggered a national furor, but failed to quash the controversy.

Rhea County Commissioner J.C. Fugat called the board together Thursday to undo the measure he had proposed Tuesday night. The commissioners approved, adjourned the meeting and rushed out of the courthouse with sheriff's deputies in less than five minutes.
All eight members of the panel supported Fugat, but some later disavowed their votes, saying they thought they were voting for a ban on gay marriage.

"It was my understanding the motion was on the (gay) marriage issue," panel chairman Terry Broyles, said Wednesday. "I was confused. I assume the other commissioners were, too."

It was your UNDERSTANDING? Don't you even read what the hell you're voting on first? Don't you pay any attention to what you're doing? It's your job to know what you're voting on, asshole. Wake the hell up and do the job you were elected to do. What a prick.

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