Sunday, March 14, 2004



So we were heading to the car to go to the gym yesterday and my boyfriend trips on a rather large crack in our driveway. Looks like he sprained his ankle pretty bad. It's all swollen and bruised. Ouch. Poor guy. It's killing him. I'm trying to take care of him as best as I can. He doesn't want to go to the emergency room for drugs, so he's just gotta tough it out. He can barely walk around the house. I may take the day off tomorrow to take care of him.

I bid on a ton of records on eBay last week, figuring I'd lose at least half of them. Turns out I won all but two or three of them. Oops. Kind of a mixed blessing. Oh well. I'll have lots to listen to in the next couple of weeks.

Beauty Pill has a new disk coming out this week. Can't wait to hear that one.

British Sea Power tomorrow at The Black Cat, assuming the bf is in good enough shape for me to leave him alone for a few hours.

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