Thursday, March 11, 2004


It's been a while...

Busy Busy Busy. The boyfriend's birthday was this week. Spent a lot of time celebrating. Thursday we saw Dickey Betts at the State Theater. Dickey's still got it. Screw Gregg. Friday it was Washington Social Club at the Warehouse. What a great venue. Check these guys out while you can. They're on the latest MTV compilation of up-and-coming bands. Who knows, they may get big. Saturday found us at the Eagle. We also went out on Sunday. I went to the Warehouse to see Metropolitan. He hung at the Eagle, which is right around the corner. He wanted to go out, but didn't feel like seeing another band. Compromise is everything.

Got him a die-cast car that he really wanted and XM Radio. XM rocks. It's only a matter of time until we get it in our cars and the boom-box for sitting by the pool. Going out for his birthday dinner tonight. We decided to wait until we could participate in the Dine Out For Life thing. Every little bit helps. We'll probably stop by the Green Lantern afterwards. Hard to turn down free beer.

Lots of new CDs. Velocity Girl, Shudder To Think, Snow Patrol, Death Cab, Walkmen, Courtney, TV On The Radio...the list goes on. I actually bought a ticket to see The Darkness. What's wrong with me? hahaha.

We finally hit Blowoff a couple weeks ago. Awesome time. Great mix of music and people. Thanks Bob. We'll be back.

I need a vacation. Somewhere sunny and warm. Should probably spend more time in the gym before I do that though. Been lazy this winter. Not fat, but not as tight as I wanna be. Too much Chinese food. mmmmm - maybe we'll have Chinese tonight. Yum.

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