Sunday, March 28, 2004


All Hail The King

So Rolling Stone put out this list of the top 50 artists of all-time. Nothing surprising in the list. What makes it slightly interesting is that the tributes are written by other artists: Elvis Costello writes about the Beatles, Robbie Robertson writes about Dylan, Van Morrison writes about Ray Charles, etc. There's one exception to that though - Little Richard. Who better to write about Little Richard than the man himself. That is so perfect.

That is, until I read it. It's just sad. I feel really bad for the guy. He broke so many barriers and was the first to do so many things. He literally influenced everybody. His songs still friggin' rock. Every rock biography I've ever read mentions him somewhere in the first 30-40 pages. Even my parents, who generally hate rock 'n' roll, went to see Little Richard in concert and loved it.

And yes, I do actually own a Little Richard CD. I doubt he made any money off of it though. He's on my Pollstar auto-notify list. I'd jump at the chance if he comes anywhere close to DC.

All hail the true king of rock 'n' roll.

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