Thursday, February 05, 2004

So it looks like we've got gay marriage in MA. For a while, at least. I'm very excited about this, but I hope it doesn't backfire and push the move for a federal Constitutional amendment. Man, that would suck. I don't have a lot of interest in "marrying" my partner, even though we're very much in love and commited to each other. The whole idea of marriage just seems to push the whole "we're just like straight-people" thing. Neither of us have any real religious or formal spiritual convictions. The only attraction marriage has to us is the big party that accompanies it and all of the legal things that go along with it. Oh, and presents :-) Civil unions, on the other hand...we'd be the first in line.

I've very tired of hearing about the "threat" of gay marriage and the "sanctity" of hetero marriage. Neither of those things exist. And that's not the fault of gay people.

Went to a Sun Microsystems seminar/sales pitch today. zzzzzzz. Beat being in the office though. Even managed to skip out during lunch and hit the gym.

Bought tickets to see The Walkmen and Death Cab For Cutie (both shows at the 9:30 Club), so those are now definites. Maybe I'll stop by the Black Cat on my way downtown tonight to pick up tickets for some shows there. No service charges that way.

My SO passed his test to get his real estate license today. We'll probably go celebrate tonight. Probably at the Green Lantern. Hard to argue with free drinks and half-naked men. Maybe I'll get lucky when we get home. ;-)

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