Saturday, February 07, 2004



God dammit. I was all ready to hit "publish" and my damn browser locked up on me and I lost it all. Crap. Not that I had anything terribly interesting to say today anyway. Just a summary of my day.

I hit the treadmill for about a half-hour this morning. Music included a mix of Black Flag, Husker Du, The Dismemberment Plan and The Undertones. Apparently, my CD player didn't care to play much from the Undertones this morning. Sorry Feargal. I understand The Undertones are touring without Feargal Sharkey. I'm curious how they sound, but I'm not sure I want to pay $15 to see them without him.

Cleaned the basement, ate lunch and off to the gym. Nice to be outside with the sun for a change. I'm tired of this weather. Too wet. Too grey. Not much in the way of inspiration to be seen at the gym, but it felt good to workout. I always hate heading to Bethesda to go to the gym, but I always feel awesome after I go. Today was no exception.

Made an awesome shrimp and veggies dinner for the bf. Yummy. He's currently downstairs watching the Bud Shootout. He's been patiently waiting for racing season to start. He's like a kid waiting for Xmas morning. If Comcast ever gets the Speed Channel, he'll never leave the house.

We never made it out Thursday (or Friday for that matter) because of the crappy weather. We may head out tonight. Most likely The Eagle. Not my first choice, but we're still trying to celebrate him passing his real estate exams, so it's up to him where we go. Personally, I'd rather head to the Red Room at the Black Cat, or maybe to Blowoff, if that's happening tonight.

Other music I listened to today: The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow, Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic, Gray Matter - Food For Thought, The Walkmen - Bows and Arrows.

Now Playing: The Stiff Box, Disc 1

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